Biosensors, as a software for animal health control, are an emerging marketplace this is fast gaining popularity in the international market. Globally, some of sensors being produced for animal fitness management are at various levels of commercialization. Some technologies for generating an accurate health repute and sickness prognosis are relevant most effective for humans, with few changes or checking out in animal fashions. Now, those modern technologies are being taken into consideration for their destiny use in cattle development and welfare. Precision farm animals farming techniques, which include an extensive span of technologies, are being applied, alongside superior technologies like microfluidics, sound analyzers, photograph-detection strategies, sweat and salivary sensing, sero diagnosis, and others. But, there is a want to integrate all the available sensors and create an efficient on-line monitoring gadget in order that animal health fame can be monitored in real time, right now. This assessment paper discusses the scope of different wearable technologies for animals, nano biosensors and superior molecular biology diagnostic techniques for the detection of numerous infectious illnesses of cattle, at the side of the efforts to enlist and evaluate those technologies with recognize to their drawbacks and advantages within the domain of animal fitness control. The paper considers all recent developments in the discipline of biosensors and their programs for animal fitness to provide insight regarding the appropriate method to be used in the future of superior animal welfare.